We have a wide range of peripherals and accessories for laptops and desktop computers, from MacBook type c/thunderbolt adapters to headphone jack adapters and jack extensions.


MacBook Type C/Thunderbolt Adapters

Got a new MacBook but can’t use it with your older devices? With a wide range of Type C and Thunderbolt adapters, come down anytime within our opening hours and see what our engineers recommend.

Headphones and Headsets

We have all kinds of headphones and headsets from on-ear and over ear to in ear, ear buds and gaming headsets.


Need a new keyboard? Treat yourself this season and come see what new peripherals we have in stock, including brands like Microsoft and pre-owned, visit us any time within our opening hours.


Looking for a new gaming mouse? We have a wide range of different types of mouse to suit your needs, pop by today and see what we have in stock


Lost your headphone adapter? Looking for Jack adapters? Don’t go without your music, pop by any time within our opening hours, where we regularly stock a wide range of audio adapters and cables.

Eternal Hard Drives

Running out of storage space? Pop into our shop any time within our opening hours, where we sell a wide range of external hard drives and memory sticks for whatever purpose you need, and if in doubt our staff can always help.


We stock both PC wired speakers and a large selection of varying sizes of Bluetooth speakers, it’s always worth popping into our store in Brighton to see what we have