MacBooks and Laptops

New and Pre-Owned Macbooks in Brighton

We are one of the largest suppliers of New and pre-owned Macbooks in Brighton, from older models with disc drives, to the newer Type C models. All located in central Brighton.

These machines represent the types of machines we usually have although we cannot guarantee that we have these specific machines in stock. However we often have many mac-books on sale as well as Windows machines which can be seen at :

In addition we can also upgrade many of these devices if you were looking for something with more RAM or an SSD. Although many of these machines will run adequately depending on intent of use.

Why not pop in and see what machines we currently have available.

New and Pre Owned Laptops Brighton

We have a large selection of new and pre owned laptops located in central Brighton. For instance, basic machines for emailing, Netflix and general use at affordable prices to higher spec gaming machines.

On the other hand if you were looking for any Apple products, mac-books for example, that we might have please have a look at:

However this list is not exhaustive and represents the kinds of machines we tend to have in stock. Although depending on stock levels we may not have these specific machines. Why not pop into store today and see what we have, our knowledgeable staff are also happy to help with any questions. In addition all devices come with a 3 Month Warranty.

Basic Pre Owned Laptops Brighton